A Freebie and Some FAB Giveaways for You

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I hope March is off to a terrific start for you. I’ve locked myself in my office so I can finish my latest work in progress. I cannot wait to share it with you and if all goes well, I’ll do just that in April.

reckless-finalIn the meantime, I have some giveaways, a freebie, and a quick survey for you!

First off, if you haven’t read Reckless in Rio (A Love at the Games Novella), it’s FREE right now through March 9th only, so click here to download your copy. (It’s only on Amazon, my apologies to all my iBook’s, Kobo, and Nook readers.)

Next, if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, I’ve recently discovered a way that you can use it to earn some nice prizes every month! This month, there is a Kindle Fire, as well as several Amazon gift cards up for grabs.

Check it out here: http://lovekissedbookbargains.com/ku-challenge-giveaway/


Finally, I need to ask for your help. Writing is a solitary profession, and sometimes I find myself wondering what my readers are really thinking. After years of wondering, I thought, why not just ask? I’ve thrown together a SHORT survey. It’s only 8 questions and will take approximately 2 minutes.

If you have time to fill it in, I would be so very grateful.


That’s it for today. Feels like enough, doesn’t it?

Next up, I’m going to give you a sneak peek at my new series!

Have a wonderful week, my friends,


1 Comment

  1. Caryn Horn says:

    Interesting questions. First of all, if you change your pen name how will I know whose book it is? Some authors I’ve been reading for years just to find out I’ve also been reading them for years in a different genre under a pen name for that genre. What’s with that? And frankly, I’m one of those people who doesn’t need the bedroom door left wide open. Subtle writing is an art. You CAN get your point across without graphic descriptions, can’t you?


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