Reckless in Rio


A Love at the Games Novella


World champion swimmer Justin Thorpe has arrived at The Summer Games in Rio where he plans to dominate in two events—collecting gold medals and collecting women. Little does he know his first conquest is going to make him want to give up his playboy ways for good.

Diver Giselle Tremblay allowed the wrong man to distract her at The Games in London, and she’s determined to never make that mistake again. But when tall, dark and Texan Justin Thorpe turns his sights on her, she finds his Southern charm and incredible body impossible to resist.  Before she knows it, their attraction goes from a simmer to sizzling hot sex in the craziest places. Justin brings out the wild girl in her that she’s been hiding away for years.

Will Justin prove to be her undoing or exactly what she needs to make it to the podium this time around? One thing is sure, it’s going to be wet, hot and sexy at the Summer Games this year.

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