An Apology, A Reason, and an Interview…

Hi, All and Happy New Year to you!

Mine got off to a very sad start, unfortunately. My dad passed away at two minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve. My aunt, his wife, and I were all there with him, and thankfully, it was a peaceful moment. The past few weeks have been spent sort of in shock, even though we’ve known for a long time what was coming. After he passed, I had to go open the gate to his small farm for the funeral services car. As the snow gently fell and I walked down to the gate, I had a big cry. But on my way back to the house, things shifted for me. Fireworks started going off on the farm next to his. I stood and watched, took a few deep breaths and smiled through my tears at the perfect sendoff for a wonderful person/dad. Somehow, I felt like everything was going to be okay. And it will.

My dad taught me to work hard and dream big, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


This is one of those moments in life when you take stock of how you’re living and realize that the bad habits aren’t worth losing your longevity or life for. In my dad’s case, it was cigarettes. Luckily, I never picked that up from him, but I do tend to have a sedentary lifestyle filled with too much night-time snacking. So, I’m making some changes this year in hopes that I hit my 70’s and 80’s in full swing.

Now, an apology. I lied. I said I’d have Whisked Away out in the late fall of 2018 and the reality is that I’m still only halfway through the first draft. For those of you who have been waiting, I’m sorry. The past few months have been pretty rough and I chose to spend as much time with my dad as I could before he passed on. That doesn’t help you any though, does it?

I’m finally getting back to writing this week. If ever I needed an escape to a tropical island, it’s now. I’m aiming to have it to you in April. Fingers crossed, things go well and it’ll be ready.

Here’s the cover of the book, so I can at least give you something…

book covers-page-001

And now, to the super fun interview…

The fab ladies at Booksbywomen.org interviewed me for their series on Women Writers. The focus was on the top six things that have helped me be successful as an author.

Six Things That Allow Me to Stay in My Jammies Writing All Day (In No Particular Order) 

Writing is a tough way to make a living. Not like coal miner tough or air traffic controller stressful. The job itself is wonderful. The commute to my office in the basement is pretty sweet, and it’s not exactly a hardship to spend my days with characters that I love. But as far as making a living off it? That’s the hard part.

I’m not a household name by any stretch of the imagination, but the past two years, I’ve made a comfortable amount from my writing. I had one pretty decent-sized hit (Break in Two) back in 2014 followed by two years where I barely made any money, and my writing had turned into an expensive hobby. I was on the brink of having to go out and get a ‘real job’ where I’d have to wear makeup and even possibly put on nylons (just typing that made me throw up in my mouth a little). I knew I had to turn things around fast.

Unfortunately, in this business, shortcuts to success are about as likely as finding a unicorn that poops out cash on demand. As much as I wished for some magical, instant fix, I knew it was going to require a whole lot of hard work.

Here’s what I did…

Check the rest out here!

Well, that was an evil place to stop, wasn’t it? Apparently 2019 Melanie has an edge to her. 😉

Okay, that’s it for now. I have characters waiting for their happily ever after! I better give it to them.

Take care and have a wonderful week again,


Find Out Which of My Characters Got Me in Hot Water…

Greetings from the Great White North!

Hello my friends,

I hope you are staying warm wherever you are (or cool if you’re in Australia and you’re heading into summer). I was recently interviewed by HeardNotHerd.com in their Artists To Watch Segment. (How cool is that?!)

PJ Jones, the woman who runs the site had some very fun questions for me and a few that really made me think. Find out about Melanie at age seven, which character is most like me, and which one of my characters got me in hot water…

Read it here!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an author who may be new to you & who I think you’ll love…Whitney Dineen!

Her book, Relatively Normal is 99 Cents – THIS WEEK ONLY…


 Catriona Masterton’s fiancé, Ethan, is Normal. 

He plans trips six months in advance and arrives at the airport a minimum of three hours early. He purchases life insurance, luggage insurance, and always opts for the extended warranty. He’s responsible, reliable, and would make any woman a wonderful life partner. 

In other words, he’s the exact opposite of the Masterton clan. 

Cat’s mother has a kitchen gadget fetish, a father whose best friends are taxidermied field mice, and a super stoner man-child brother who lives–where else?–in the basement. Then there’s Nan, her proud Scottish grandmother with a proclivity for profanity and mischief. 

What on earth will Catriona’s Normal fiancé think when he comes home with her to meet her parents? What will he think when he discovers his soon-to-be in-laws invited Cat’s ex to join them for Thanksgiving dinner? 

Find out in a laugh-out-loud journey of self-discovery, familial pandemonium, and love. A must-read for fans of a true romantic comedy!

This is a fantastic book by an extremely talented writer you may not know yet. Read her before she’s a household name so you can say, “I’ve been reading Whitney since LONG before the movie came out…”


Okay, gang, that’s it for me today. I’ll be back in 3 weeks with some HUGE prizes for the Holly Jolly Hop!

I wish you all the best in life and thank you for being part of mine,


Announcing The Royal Delivery Audiobook Edition!

FB Cover - 3 audiobooks-page-001

Hi All!

The last installment of The Crown Jewels Series is now available on Audiobook, narrated by the super talented Shiromi Arserio (A.K.A. the Girl in the Blue Box) as Tessa, and the hilarious Tom Bromhead as Arthur.

Huge thanks go out to the team at Tantor Media for making this happen! It’s been an absolutely incredible pleasure to have Tom and Shiromi bring these characters to life on audio. 🙂

Check them out on Audible here…

K0489_RoyalTreatment_A   K0490_RoyalWedding   K0491_RoyalDelivery_A

Announcing the 2nd Best Book Club Ever!

Book Club FB Post-page-001

Hey there my friends!

Are you asking, “Melanie, why the second best book club?”

I figure Reese has first place nailed down, but our club is going to be hella fun to give you a super fast escape from life.

There will be a different topic each day:




We’ll share some videos and pics to make you laugh (or just smile) or maybe inspire you.







You know, because it’s a book club…








We’ll create a brain trust for each other because, I don’t know about you, but after a million nights of trying to figure out what to make for supper, I’m tapped out of ideas.

(P.S. I totally look exactly like this when I cook, including the tiny pink hat).






Because sometimes a lady just wants to chillax in front of the TV and it’s not always easy to find a show you’ll like.







We’ll share our favourite stuff that makes life easier/more fun/worth living. 😉







We’ll share some ways to really relax and get into the sloth zone so we can hit the ground running on Monday!

(P.S. This is totally what I look like when I’m reading, skirt and all.)




Oh, I almost forgot – there will be prizes and giveaways, too, of course. 😉

I hope to see you there!


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