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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…


The authors over at the Chick Lit Chat HQ Facebook group are giving away some MASSIVE prizes just in time for the holidays! Head over to the group before Dec 9th for your chance to win one of 5 huge prizes valued at over $500!

I’ll have 2 lucky winners – One from my Newsletter (so YOU are already entered) and One from my Facebook Author page!

Win a signed Full-Color Book Lover’s Editions of The Honeymooner and a gorgeous 3D custom art created by my very dear friend, the talented Deana Matarasso of California!


And in Other News…

The damn elves haven’t shown up so I’ll have to clean, cook, shop, wrap, and plan again this year. Seriously, elves? WTF?

In preparation for the holidays, I got a new hairdo and had my eyebrows done – SCARY  and slightly painful, to be honest. At one point, I had tears in my eyes and for some reason, I started salivating…weird, right?

But I made the best of it and sent a wickedly funny pic to my husband with no text attached while I was at the appointment. You know, to make him panic a little, like the good wife I am. 😉

Here are the during and after pics…

So that’s it for this lady for today. We’re expecting a deliciously big snowstorm this weekend, and in my opinion, it’s about time. It’ll finally look a lot like Christmas.

More to come later this month. Make sure you take care of yourselves during this busy season, my friends. Have some laughs, have some wine, see some friends, and get some sleep!

Okay, I’ll stop bossing you now.

Warmest wishes,



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Your Sexiest Christmas EVER – part 2


Happy Holidays, My Lovely Readers!

I want to wish you and yours all the best this season! I have recently posted three articles on how to have the Sexiest Christmas EVER! Now I know, this may not be your top priority, but trust me, if you shift a few things on your list, you’ll be having the best holiday of all time.

As women, we tend to put our lives on hold for everyone else. In fact, a very dear friend gave me this hilarious notepad for my birthday last year, which I think pretty much sums up a woman’s life during the month of December.


This year, I want you to put yourself first, or at least somewhere closer to the top of the list. As a recovering resentful martyr, I can tell you I’m a LOT more fun now that I’ve made a few simple changes. I’m having a lot more fun too!

Here are a few ideas to help! Your Sexiest Christmas EVER (In case you missed it last year, some solid advice for enjoying the holiday season)

My Third Annual Sexiest Christmas Gift List (If you see something you like, make sure you share the list with the man in your life)

How to Choose Lingerie She’ll Love to Wear (A Quick and Dirty Guide for the well-meaning menfolk out there)

I wish you love, happiness and great sex always,


Your Sexiest Christmas Ever – part 1


shutterstock_171500426The holidays are upon us and with all the frenzy to give everyone the perfect Christmas, it’s easy to forget all about romance. I totally understand – you’re thinking about shopping, cooking, in-laws, wrapping gifts, attending Christmas parties and school plays. You might even have rolled your eyes or laughed at the idea of the ‘sexiest Christmas ever’. But this time of year can be wonderfully romantic if you put yourself in the right frame of mind.

I want to invite you to squeeze in some time for romance. I have a few ideas to help you get through your Holiday To-Do List quickly so that you’ll have time to cuddle up in front of the fireplace with your sweetie and share a bottle of wine.

  1. Get things Done Ahead of Time: Nothing robs you of your mojo like rushing around like a maniac. Try shopping, wrapping and doing other prep as far ahead as possible, so you can take your time.
  2. Go for a shopping date: If you have kids, get a sitter and make an evening of it. Have your list ready to go and hit the stores together. You can have fun with it if you are in the right frame of mine. Try to keep your patience and enjoy being a team. Reward yourselves by going out for a quiet dessert or maybe even a movie if you finish early enough.
  3. You Do NOT Need to Be Sober to Wrap Presents: Make an evening of it. Grab a bottle of wine, put on a romantic movie that you love and start wrapping. If you do it a few days ahead of time, you’ll know you are getting ahead of the game at the same time.
  4. Lower Your Standards: Does the house need to be absolutely spotless to have people over? What if it was just ‘good enough’ but you were in a great mood? I think it might be worth it.
  5. Hire it Out: If your budget isn’t stretched too far this year, consider having someone come in to clean your home right before abe4067aa1f29556ce10e722f8073d0dChristmas. This can save you many hours, leaving you more relaxed. The last two years, I have ordered Christmas dinner from a catering company. It isn’t that much more expensive than buying all the ingredients and I was able to spend Christmas day with my kids and my husband instead of in the kitchen. On Christmas night, I didn’t have achy tired feet and the feeling like I missed out on all the fun. I got to be part of it too! I let go of my ego attachment to serving a wonderful meal and just decided to enjoy. I’m planning to do it again this year. (I’ll make the big meals again when my children are older).
  6. Delegate: If hiring it out isn’t for you, maybe you can delegate. Are there other people in your home who can help with the preparations? If you are having relatives for a meal, can they each bring something to take the pressure off you? Don’t think you have to do it all on your own, only to end up feeling resentful when the big day arrives.
  7. Take care of Yourself: What do you do to show self-care? Sleep enough, eat healthy, exercise, maybe go for a massage if you can? Do those important things that keep your energy levels up and put a smile on your face.
  8. Date Night: Make a list of romantic things you want to do with your significant other and make them a priority. Go for a drive or a walk in the evening to look at the Christmas lights. Book a dinner out or have a candle-lit dinner at home. Pick a favourite movie to watch together. Snuggle up on the couch under a cozy blanket and just be together. Even if you just find the time to do one or two romantic things together in the next few weeks, it will go really far for creating wonderful, warm feelings and memories. After all, isn’t love what the holidays are all about?

Okay, so that’s it for tonight! The babysitter just got here and my husband and I are off to do our Christmas shopping date.

All the best to you and yours this holiday season,


Stay Tuned for Your Sexiest Christmas Ever Part 2!

A Christmas Secret Surprise

shutterstock_120885334 (1)I’m working on a SECRET project right now that is sure to land me on the NAUGHTY LIST!

I can’t tell you what it is yet, but I can say:

1) It’s something that I don’t think ANY romance author has tried before,

2) It’s a gift from me to you,

3) I hope it will be a hit, but there is only one way to know for sure…

Stay tuned while my elves and I work at a furious pace to get it ready.

All will be revealed next week!